The necessity of reliable data.

Thies Clima is dedicated to measuring meteorological data precisely, processing it and making it available to users for their applications, through the use of their wide range of sensors, concepts and associated accessories. From simple mechanical fixing components, truss sections and pivoting telescoping masts, right through to data communication and data preparation, we offer individual concepts for industry sectors tailored to every application.

For meteorology, transport engineering or building management systems, for renewable energies and climate research, science and the construction industry, agriculture or environmental protection: our sensors and systems are designed to offer the perfect solution to the most diverse range of applications.
We would be happy to discuss your requirements with you and help to devise the right approach for your measurement task.

Product news

New classification of First Class anemometers

The First Class anemometers are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0 ...

Weather station COMPACT WSC 11 - with alternative RDS/DAB+ time synchronization

For all applications where no sufficient GPS signal is available...
Ultraschall Anemometer WP
Serves for the 2-dimensional acquisition of the horizontal components...
Datenlogger Universal DLU
The datalogger DLU is a complete measuring system...

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