HistoryThe success story of the Adolf Thies company from Göttingen. Germany


The Adolf Thies company, located in Germany, in the Geismar district of Göttingen, was founded under the toughest post-war conditions.
Its founder, Mr Adolf Thies, shaped the company and subsequently guided it successfully through the decades that followed.
With an engineering apprenticeship and a solid background in craftsmanship behind him, Mr Thies managed to turn his vision for his company into a reality, manufacturing products that proved popular on the market. Initially, these were traditional, mechanical instruments, followed by early mechanical anemometers.


Gradually, international success followed and the company began to grow. A new manufacturing facility was constructed in 1960.

The product range was expanded through the addition of products which were at this stage predominantly electronic. The 1970s saw the production of the first automatic weather stations and combined wind sensors.
These developments continued into the 1990s, when the first microprocessor-controlled automatic weather stations and dataloggers were brought onto the market.
The companyʻs manufacturing processes have developed over time from the individually hand built to the thoroughly modern industrial production structures it uses today.

Mr Thies was able to witness the continued success of his company until his death in 1990.


Following the death of Mr Thies, the company became independent and remains so to this day. In 1991, the DL 15 datalogger was developed.


In the late 1990s, the era of non-moving, wear-free sensors began. A great deal of research and development was conducted until the first ultrasonic anemometer for practical use was patented and marketed globally in 1997. The many advantages offered by these devices made them a firm favourite on the market.


The company forged ahead in other areas as well – for example, the first efficient disdrometers using laser technology for measuring precipitation were developed and produced in 2001.
These were followed by high precision cup anemometers which have been certified by leading international organisations. Here too, the company acquired the relevant patents.

Lack of space on the company's grounds as a result of expansion had long been an issue. A large manufacturing facility was constructed in Klein Lengden, just a few miles away.

From past to present, our company history has been characterised by investments in products, markets, infrastructure and – last but by no means least – in a team that has helped make our success possible. We look forward to the next chapter ...

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