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Goodbye, Geneva - Meteorological Technology International World 2023.

We would like to thank everyone who attended #MetTechExpo for an exciting time. We are impressed by the presence of so many international experts from all disciplines. It was fantastic to have lively discussions and intensify insights into the world of meteorology. We look forward to future meetings.

If you were not there or would like to know more about the exhibits e.g. about the Precipitation Analyzer, please contact The "Precipitation Analyzer" allows automated METAR coding for supercooled precipitation (FZFG, FZDZ, FZRA) and calculation of holdover time on airports.
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Total Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA
Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA

Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA

Will we meet in Geneva at Meteorological Technology World? We are known for our benchmarks in First Class and ultrasonic wind anemometers. But this year in Geneva, in addition, we want to share with you our expertise in precipitation measurement with a high-end lineup! There is definitely the right product for your needs!
High-End Precipitation Lineup:

Precipitation Analyzer: Allows automated METAR coding for Supercooled Precipitation (FZFG, FZDZ, FZRA) and calculation of Holdover Time on airports.
Laser Precipitation Monitor : State-of-the-art synop detection, proven in all climate zones & in numerous applications
3D distrometer: Most advanced series distrometer with high precision intensity measurement and 100% elimination of non-hydro meteors
High-tech rain gauge : a high-precision rain gauge with "One Drop Resolution"
• ... and other instruments ranging from simple but robust yes/no precipitation status sensors to state-of-the-art sensor functions for new weather stations and variants.
of the WSC 11.

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2023 | Geneva
Visit us at stand 8040.
Dr Manfred Hettwer is there for you.
Please feel free to make an appointment in advance:
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Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!
Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!

Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!

Our advanced anemometer, utilizing state-of-the-art point-to-point measurements, provides crucial data on horizontal wind velocity, wind direction, acoustic-virtual temperature and optional air pressure. The Ultrasonic Compact 2D Plus goes further by optimizing Pitch and Yaw Control, enhancing your wind turbineʻs performance and efficiency.

Our advanced technology includes:

  • Enhanced ice resistance: Reliability in icy conditions, compliant with MIL-STD 810G

  • Improved ultrasound level: Disturbance-free operation thanks to adaptive ultrasound in heavy thunderstorm, continuous signal performance, and dynamic plausibility value adjustment during turbulence

  • Interface: PROFINET seamless connectivity and control for efficient communication with other systems. Web server and Ethernet TCP/IP for easy integration and access with remote monitoring and management via a web interface, remote trouble shooting, and remote upgrades via REST API

  • Enhanced self-diagnostic: Predictive maintenance for optimizing performance and minimizing downtime

  • Platform-based for versatility: Easy ordering, efficient inventory management, volume-based pricing, standardization, cost savings, and streamlined processes

Product Category: Ultrasonics 2D Compact (Modell Profinet)
Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D Compact (
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Precipitation Analyzer - every drop counts!
Precipitation Analyzer - every drop counts!

Precipitation analysis perfected: Thies Clima Precipitation Analyzer!

Supercooled, FZRA, FZDZ, FZFG, and black ice. Our "Precipitation Analyzer" detects and accurately quantifies precipitation.

Our cutting edge technology detects and measures different precipitation types, especially supercooled precipitation. Thanks to the unique design with a pyramid-shaped measuring surface made of special ceramic material and resistant glass coating, we detect precise surface temperatures. The sensor uses as measurement principles the analysis of temperature peaks to detect the heat of crystallization and the different dielectric properties of water and ice. This enables very accurate discrimination and quantification of precipitation incidents, including phase changes. The analyzer is ideal for early warning systems in traffic applications, on roads, bridges, airports, marine and industrial applications where icing poses a safety risk. With its advanced method for early detection of supercooled precipitation, the device contributes to efficient winter maintenance and timely initiation of safety measures. The device was developed and tested with the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetter Dienst DWD) for use at airports.
Various telegrams can be selected via RS 485 in ASCII format. We recommend the Thies Clima data logger "DLU-E", commercially available serial data loggers are also possible.

Your part numbers:
Percipitation Analyzer:
Data Logger DLU-E:9.1711.10.0x0
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IEC PV Komplettlösung
Bye, bye ... mechanical hygro-thermographs. Their digital alternative is ready.

Thies ends production of mechanical hygro-thermographs. The digital alternative is ready

Due to the sharp drop in demand, an economic continuation of these traditional meteorological instruments is unfortunately no longer possible. This marks the end of an era at Thies that began over 70 years ago with the production of thermo- and hygro-graphs. In the meantime, high-precision electronic sensors and associated data loggers dominate the recording of meteorological measured variables. The supply of spare parts and consumables for the mechanical instruments, which are used thousands of times worldwide, is still ensured. For larger quantities, we will be happy to consider post-production. Discover modern alternatives from our company, such as the new HTB or HT Sensor Compact, when combined with the HandyLog. Plus, enjoy a 5% discount on every HandyLog product bundle! Create a great plan B with us already today, equip yourself future-proof. Please contact our sales team, we will find a solution that suits you.
Discontinued items: | | | 3.080x.10.000 | 3.0810.20.000
Your suitable alternatives: Get 5% off on every HandyLog product bundle! Hygro-Thermo-Baro Transmitter Compact Sensor – Hygro-Thermo Sensor Compact (2 Fach Kombi Luftsensor)
9.3406.00.000 – HandyLog (Mobile devices – Direct acquisition and logging of measured values

IEC PV Komplettlösung
IEC PV Komplettlösung:

NEW: Complete solution for photovoltaic performance monitoring

Complete solution according to DIN EN IEC 61724-1:2021, consisting of silicon radiation sensor, pyranometer and weather station.
Compatible with common data loggers, access from SCADA systems via Modbus RTU is also supported. You can also opt for a Thies Clima All-in-One solution and combine our data logger DLU-E.

Contact us,
we look forward to giving you more information
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Clima Sensor US by Thies Clima: Mobile weather data acquisition for fire engines!

Successful order for Thies Clima: More than 100 fire engines equipped with mobile weather station

Mobile weather data acquisition for fire brigades!

Thies Clima equips more than 100 fire brigade vehicles with the powerful Clima Sensor US weather stations, thus ensuring a reliable real-time data basis for fast and well-founded decisions during rescue and protection operations. The robust weather station, which is suitable for everyday use, can be seamlessly integrated into various fleets and offers a wide range of precise measurements in the smallest of spaces. With their compact design, the stations measure relative humidity, ambient temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, brightness, precipitation amount, intensity and type. The stations also offer data such as TrueWInd, Windchill or Heatindex. Robustness, durability, as well as high measurement accuracy, proven long-term availability and fast delivery times make the Clima Sensor US the optimal weather station for mobile use by fire brigades and rescue services.

If you are interested in further information on the design and implementation of Clima Sensor US weather stations in #firefighting vehicles, I recommend you take a look at the next THW Journal. Alternatively, you can contact #ThiesClima directly, either by emailing with the keyword "Mobile weather station for emergency vehicles" or via DM. We look forward to providing you with more details!
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Cleanpower 2023 Conference & Exhibition
Tram equipped with mobile climate station

Tram equipped with mobile climate station

Measure and improve air quality together - get on board! As a Smart City model city, Mannheim is working on concepts and implementations of a sustainable and liveable city of tomorrow, carried out by Smart City Mannheim GmbH. One innovative approach is the use of trams as mobile measuring stations for weather and environmental data. The trams are equipped with Thies Clima sensors to record weather data such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction as well as air quality. GPS and electronic magnetic compass allow more precise data to be collected for the current location. With its own sensors optimised for mobile applications, Thies Clima offers solutions for the growing need for data-based environmental management in urban areas.
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Hygro-Thermo-Baro Sensor Compact

High measuring quality and robust, reliable technology

The Hygro-Thermo-Pressure (H T P) sensors of our COMPACT series are designed to measure relative humidity, air temperature and atmospheric pressure.

This sensor is well suited for use at meteorological measuring stations and for connection to data logger systems. Due to its universal interface, the sensor can also be used as a single solution in any suitable application.

The excellent dynamics due to the separately positioned temperature sensor and the use of stainless steel as the housing material, as well as the protection class IP 67, are the special features of this sensor. This allows it to be used even in applications with the highest stresses.

The outstanding features of the sensor are:• high long-term stability,
  • almost linear characteristic curve,
  • very good dynamic behaviour,
  • resistance to condensation,
  • low temperature coefficient,
  • lowest hysteresis.

Hygro-Thermo-Baor Sensor Compact (

Weather live – Datalogger DLU

The internal WEB server displays the instantaneous measuring values clearly-arranged as text and as diagram. The measuring values are, device-specifically, prepared by the WEB server and optimally displayed, depending if the data query comes from PC, tablet and smartphone. A simple data visualization is, thus, possible without additional software.

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Datalogger Universal DLU with Ethernet and WEB-Server

The datalogger records measuring values via two serial interfaces RS485/422, and via integrated analogue and digital input channels. The serial interfaces are designed for the connection of sensors with THIES data protocol. It is possible to connect up to 32 devices to one bus. The analogue inputs serve for connecting a humidity temperature sensor with PT100, and voltage output, and up to three sensors with voltage output 0 … 10 V. The digital inputs support the direct connection of a wind direction transmitter with synchronous-serial output, and two precipitation meters with pulse output.

You can find further information here:
Datalogger DLU 9.1711.10.0x0

ULTRASONIC Anemometer 3D with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The ULTRASONIC anemometers 3D are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:

Ultraschall Anemometer 3D (

Classification US3D

First Class Anemometer with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The First Class anemometers are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:
Classification First Class Anemometer 4.3352.xx.000
Classification First Class Anemometer 4.3352.xx.400

ULTRASONIC Anemometer 2D with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The ULTRASONIC anemometers 2D are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:
Ultraschall Anemometer 2D (
Classification US2D

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