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The particulate-hygro-thermo-baro sensor is a versatile solution that measures various air quality parameters and environmental conditions. The robust design and easy maintenance predestine it for use in demanding environments.
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Particulate-hygro-thermo-baro sensor compact

Particulate-hygro-thermo-baro sensor compact

Particulate-hygro-thermo-baro sensor compact

The particulate-hygro-thermo-baro sensors from our COMPACT series are designed to meas-ure relative humidity, air temperature and barometric air pressure, and fine dust values PM10 and PM 2.5.

The use of high-quality sensors for the parameters to be measured allows the sensor to achieve the following:

• High long-term stability
• Virtually linear characteristic
• Good dynamic behaviour
• Dewing resistance
• Low temperature coefficients
• Small hysteresis


• digital outputs MODBUS RTU / THIES
• plug connection
• calble connection
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