Temperature measurements have a fundamental importance in meteorological measuring technology, science and industry for the acquisition of air-, water- and soil-temperature. In building control systems the acquisition of outdoor temperature is indispensable for energy efficient room air control.
The product range of the Thies-company offers a variety of temperature sensors – from classic recorders up to combined weather stations

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New classification of First Class anemometers

The First Class anemometers are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0 ...

Weather station COMPACT WSC 11 - with alternative RDS/DAB+ time synchronization

For all applications where no sufficient GPS signal is available...
Ultraschall Anemometer WP
Serves for the 2-dimensional acquisition of the horizontal components...
Datenlogger Universal DLU
The datalogger DLU is a complete measuring system...