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Integrated Weather Stations and Measurement Towers - Weather Parameters and Features

We offer innovative solutions in two outstanding product categories: Integrated Weather Stations with automatic weather data loggers and custom measurement towers as specialized measurement systems.

Our integrated weather stations provide comprehensive weather and climate data for precise forecasts and critical environmental assessments. Our measurement towers, on the other hand, are custom-built system solutions that combine discrete measurement devices for each specific weather parameter. These unique solutions are ideal for demanding applications where accurate and reliable measurements are essential.

No matter the product category, we accompany it with advanced connectivity technologies. We understand the importance of transmitting your data securely and efficiently. Our custom configured measurement solutions are compatible with a wide range of interface standards, including:

PROFINET/PROFIsafe: Seamless secure integration into industrial networks.
LORAWAN: Efficient IoT connectivity for wide-area applications.
Ethernet and TCP/IP: Reliable data transmission in IP networks.
WIFI/Bluetooth: Flexible wireless connectivity options.
GPRS: Mobile data transmission, ideal for remote locations.
Modbus RTU, RS-422, and RS-485: Established standards for serial communication.
MQTT: Effective messaging protocol for IoT applications.
Our data loggers work seamlessly with our custom measurement solutions to collect accurate data for your specific needs. Supported by our powerful METEO software, Cumulus app, and Thies Cloud, you are well equipped to accurately record and store your weather data. Here are the weather parameters and features of our weather stations and measurement towers:

Wind speed
Wind direction
Global radiation
Relative air humidity
Precipitation intensity and type
Barometric pressure
Global Positioning and Sun position
Dew and Wetness

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