We can't change the weather –but we can help you measure it more accurately

Thies CLIMA offers a comprehensive range of service and maintenance services for weather stations and measuring masts.

From individual consultation to full installation and regular maintenance, our dedicated team will help you get the most out of your measurement systems.

Consulting and project planning

Thies CLIMA offers individual advice to find the best solutions for your specific measurement requirements. The team will help you with the project planning of your individual measurement task, also through the field service on site.

Installation and commissioning

The "THIES SYSTEMS" service team installs and maintains the projected weather stations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Even demanding installations in exposed locations are carried out by our service team with a high level of technical expertise. Correct installation and commissioning are crucial for the reliable operation of your weather station.

Maintenance, adjustment and training

Regular maintenance is an essential part of the services provided by Thies CLIMA. Our experienced service team not only carries out inspections, but also precisely adjusts your measuring instruments to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your weather data. We understand the importance of correctly adjusted measuring instruments for your applications and ensure that your weather station/measuring mast functions optimally. On-site customer training helps you to optimally support the weather station and understand the measurement results.

Integrated weather stations

Thies CLIMA offers integrated weather stations with automatic weather data loggers . These provide comprehensive weather and climate data for accurate forecasting and critical environmental assessments. The stations record important weather parameters such as:
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Global radiation
  • Sunshine duration
  • Brightness
  • Twilight
  • Position and position of the sun
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Thaw rate and wetting
  • Barometric pressure
  • Precipitation intensity and type
  • Time/date‎

Customized measuring masts

Theindividually configured measuring masts (custom measurement masts) from Thies CLIMA are specialized system solutions. They combine discrete measuring devices for each specific weather parameter. These sensors and measuring devices can be mounted on met mast links or traverses and enable the most accurate data to be collected for research, environmental monitoring or meteorology. The stations meet the standards of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) .

Product accessories

Thies CLIMA offers a wide range of accessories for installation and expansion of functionality. This includes bird deterrents , wall mounts for sensors, swivel mast systems, flat roof mounting options and more.

Mast mounting

Pole mounting is crucial for the installation of weather stations and for the quality of the measured values. Thies CLIMA offers various mounting options for masts to securely and stably mount sensors and measuring devices. These include:
  • Wall brackets : These allow sensors to be mounted on walls, buildings or other vertical surfaces.
  • Pole clamps Product accessories : These clamps are placed around the pole and are used to attach sensors and accessories.‎

Pole adapter / mounting adapter

Pole adapters are versatile components that allow sensors and measuring devices to be attached to poles of different sizes and shapes. They are available in various designs to meet specific requirements. Some of the common pole adapter types or mounting adapters are:
  • Tube adapters: these fit on round poles and allow sensors with round mounting bases to be mounted.
  • Square adapters: These fit square or rectangular poles and provide a stable platform for sensor installation.
  • Angle adapters: These allow sensors to be mounted at a specific angle in order to achieve optimum measurement results.‎

Crossarms and Instrument Carriers: Stands, instrument carriers, telescopic masts, traverses etc.

Crossarms, traverses are horizontal beams attached to masts to mount multiple sensors simultaneously. They are particularly useful when space is limited. Thies CLIMA offers various crossarm models that can be selected according to specific requirements.

The mechanical accessories play a crucial role in the proper installation and positioning of sensors and measuring devices. They ensure the stability, accuracy, and durability of your weather station or measuring mast.

Sales and service contact

For further details and specific inquiries, please contact Thies CLIMA:
Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG - Hauptstraße 76 - 37083 Göttingen
Tel. + 49 551 79001-0 - info@thiesclima.com

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