THIES-CUMULUSWith the THIES-CUMULUS App, you have access to your data at all times.

Whether you want to retrieve readings from one device or manage an entire group of devices, the THIES-CUMULUS App provides the means. And all this in a wide range of end devices and applications such as iOS, Android or Web.

Via the Thies Cloud, the measured values of the activated end devices are polled cyclically and stored on the server. In addition, instantaneous measured values can be displayed in a 5-second cycle as required. To provide the highest possible data security in compliance with the European GDPR, the Thies Cloud works on servers of a German provider.

We have attached great importance to easy use. Thus, every Thies Clima terminal device has a dedicated code. For access to the device, you simply connect the DLU-E data logger to your user profile via the QR code and your smartphone‘s camera function. Alternatively, the code can also be entered via a web browser. As the owner of one or more end devices you can not only view the values, you can also create your own group and invite people to your group. By assigning user rights, you determine which group members have access to certain data on your devices.

Even without own hardware, you can test many features of the THIES-CUMULUS App.
Convince yourself of the advantages of the cloud system.

The browser application is available at .
Apps called „Thies Cumulus“ are available free of charge through the Apple App Store and Google Play.


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