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Thies CLIMA is a leading provider of high-quality measuring devices and systems for climate and environmental measurement technology. With our two sites in and around Göttingen, we are located in the center of the science hub known as Measurement Valley and benefit from an inspiring environment. With over 75 years of experience, a team of 120 dedicated employees and a global network of dealers and partners, we support customers all over the world in precisely and reliably measuring the relevant parameters for climate, weather and air quality. Our expertise ranges from radar and lasers to optoelectronics, ultrasound, mechanics, infrared radiation and 3D image processing. This diverse expertise enables us to carry out precise and reliable measurements in various environments and applications and to provide our customers with innovative solutions. Our sensors and solutions are used in a wide variety of applications.
75 years of experience | 120 employees | two locations in and around Göttingen


As the manufacturer of the certified "First Class" anemometer, Thies CLIMA sets the global standard for wind measurement technology. Our portfolio also includes a wide range of sensors, data loggers, software/apps and accessories. We offer our customers not only high-quality products, but also comprehensive technical support, advice and individual solutions. Our sensors and systems comply with the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) in Geneva, Switzerland and are recognized by international authorities, companies, universities and weather services worldwide.
Our sensors and solutions are used in a wide variety of applications.
Selection of measuring instruments

The most important engines of our further development

Thies CLIMA products are subject to cyclical updates, which ensures a high level of availability and up-to-dateness. We often implement additional functions as part of this process. The aim of our product roadmaps is to offer advanced technology with proven quality.

  • Technological evolution: We focus on the gradual further development of our technologies in order to continuously improve the accuracy, stability and availability of our products.
  • Customization: Our products are adapted to the specific requirements and needs of our customers. This includes, for example, the integration of additional functions and interfaces to enable seamless integration into various applications.
  • Continuity and compatibility: We ensure that products with the same article number retain their properties. This ensures compatibility with existing systems and enables a smooth migration to new versions. Customers who integrate a Thies product into their application can rely on the long-term availability of our products.
  • Sustainable upgrades: With our approach to upgrades, customers can keep their systems up to date without having to sacrifice proven functions. This enables cost-efficient modernization and extends the service life of the products.
  • Long-term availability: We offer our customers security and continuity by guaranteeing the long-term availability of our products. This enables our customers to make long-term investment decisions.‎‎

Test and laboratory environments

Our test and laboratory environments are equipped with a variety of facilities to ensure the quality and performance of our products. Our facilities include:
  • Climatic chambers that allow us to test products in different climates and test their performance in extreme temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Dust areas where we simulate the effects of dust and other particles on our devices and test their robustness to environmental stresses.
  • Precipitation measurement areas where we test the accuracy and reliability of our precipitation gauges.
  • Pressure chambers that allow us to test products under different pressure conditions and evaluate their performance in high and low pressure environments.
  • Various wind tunnels where we can investigate and optimize the aerodynamic performance of wind measurement systems and other devices under realistic wind and environmental conditions.
  • Electronics laboratories and EMC test areas where we check the electromagnetic compatibility of our products and ensure that they comply with the applicable EMC directives.
  • Vibration test benches that allow us to test the robustness and resistance of our devices to vibrations and shocks.‎
Wind tunnel test, for example in accordance with MIL STD 810G, method 512.3 2008/10. Climate test, -10°C, wind speed 10 m/s, water injection droplets
Heating elements on the Ultrasonic 2D.
Ultrasonic 1D, 2D and Ultrasonic 3D

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