Say Goodbye to Inaccurate Wind Data - Try First Class & Geovane Today!

Donʻt struggle anymore with inaccurate wind direction data. Get the perfect combination of Thies CLIMA "First Class" wind vanes and the innovative "Geovane" from Kintech Engineering to take your alignment accuracy to a whole new level!

Thies CLIMA 1° precise wind vanes and Kintech Engineering ʻs ground-breaking Geovane make it easy to accurately reference your wind direction data to True North. The Geovane automatically determines True North to within 1° without the need for any manual alignment on site, completely removing any human error.

TRUE NORTH: Geovane & First Class (or Compact)
This unique combination achieves unparalleled precision in wind direction data measurement, ideal for site assessment, power curve monitoring, meteorology, airports and research. With Thies CLIMA and Geovane, there is no longer need to comprise. Get absolute accuracy with our unmatched precision.

We are here to help! Discuss with us the best model combination for your needs.
Once chosen, we will send you a pre-configured set with the wind vane and the Geovane.
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Windmessung am Himmelsgipfel: Unsere Technologie sichert das höchste Gebäude Malaysias, Merdeka PNB 118!

RWIS - Road Weather Information Systems strengthened: Thies LNM in use on Austria's roads.

Successful partnership: RR Kommunal and Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG

For more than a decade, RR Kommunal has been working successfully with Adolf Thies GmbH & Co. KG. The partnership began on September 26, 2011 with the first delivery of the innovative Laser Precipitation Monitor (LNM / LPM) . Since then, more than 300 of these high-precision devices have been installed to increase road safety on Austriaʻs roads.

Background: The aim of ASFINAG , the operator of Austriaʻs highways and expressways, was to introduce an open weather information system (OpenWIS) to improve traffic monitoring and safety, into which sensors from various manufacturers can be integrated. RR Kommunal was able to impress with the design of an innovative measuring station that included the Thies CLIMA LPM alongside other sensors.

The Thies CLIMA LPM: robust and precise.

The Thies LNM has established itself as an excellent measuring device for recording precipitation intensity and type. The device is characterized by high accuracy and reliability, which is why it is predestined for traffic applications. "The Thies LNM meets the requirements of CEN/TS 15518-4 and is therefore recommended for use in winter road maintenance," explains Marc Hillebrecht, Export Manager at Thies CLIMA. High sensitivity and flexibility: The special ability of the Thies CLIMA LNM is to detect all types of precipitation, including drizzle, very precisely. The LNM also impresses with its high sensitivity. "We are always surprised at how sensitively the Thies CLIMA LNM reacts, especially in drizzle," adds Markus Riedel.

Extract from the technical specification:
  • Particle size: 0.16 ... 8 mm
  • Particle velocity: 0.2 ... 20 m/s
  • Intensity: < 0.001... 1000 mm/h‎

Overview of accuracy: comparison with synoptic observation:
  • Drizzle > 97%
  • Rain > 99%
  • Hail > 97%* According to human observer
  • Snow > 99%
  • Sleet > 85%
  • Snow drizzle > 60%‎

Integration into modern traffic infrastructure:
ASFINAG is continuously investing in the modernization of the Austrian freeway network with the aim of implementing modern safety technologies and meeting the latest EU standards.

The experience of our partner RR Kommunal is also reflected in the evaluation results of theFederal Highway Research Institute (BAST Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen) . The Thies Laser Precipitation Monitor (LNM) was installed in December 2015 and achieved top marks in the following categories in a multi-year comparative study that ran until 2019:
  • highest agreement with synoptic observations.
  • the LNM was the only sensor to deliver measured values, particularly for very short precipitation events such as snowfall or hail
  • Low-maintenance operation‎

These evaluation results from the BAST (Federal Highway Research Institute) serve as a reference and underline the accuracy and reliability of the Thies LNM.

We look forward to continuing to develop innovative solutions together with RR Kommunal in the future and to further strengthening our partnership.
More details about LNM (LPM - Laser Precipitation Monitor)

Atacama Desert: On the trail of fog trapping and the air plant. Long-term use of Thies CLIMA weather stations under extreme climatic conditions.
Atacama Dessert: Long-term use of Thies CLIMA weather stations under extreme climatic conditions (Dipl. Ing. Edgar Grimme).

Atacama Desert: On the trail of fog trapping and the air plant.

Long-term use of Thies CLIMA weather stations under extreme climatic conditions.
For more than 8 years, several Thies CLIMA weather stations have been operated in the Atacama Desert as part of a German-Chilean research project to investigate fog as a potential sustainable source of water. The region in northern Chile is characterized on the one hand by extremely low precipitation with an average of less than 1 mm of rain per year and sometimes high wind speeds in combination with salty air. On the other hand, there is often high humidity due to rising air masses from the Pacific Ocean within sight, which leads to regular coastal fog (Camanchaca), especially at night. Due to the proximity to the sea, there are salt particles in the air, which place high demands on the corrosion resistance of the measurement technology. UV radiation is extremely high and temperatures fluctuate between over 35°C and just above freezing, depending on the time of year and time of day. The investigation of local vegetation as a bioindicator for fog availability requires extremely robust and at the same time precise meteorological measurement technology. The overall technical solutions must be flexibly adaptable in order to be able to integrate additional sensor technology for new scientific questions.

In this environment, Thies CLIMA weather stations have proven themselves many times and over many years. In detail, the following are used:
1) Wind speed and wind direction: Compact series 4.3519.00.000 , 4.3129.60.000 and Classic series 4.3303.22.XXX and4.3125.33.XXX
Mechanical wind speed and wind direction sensors from the Compact and Classic series are used as wind measuring instruments. Both product categories are characterized by high robustness and durability, which is why they are used in applications with high availability requirements, such as wind turbines. Due to their wind measurement characteristics, the devices in the Classic series have established themselves as the standard wind measurement instrument for meteorological weather measurement networks for many decades. Due to the all-metal housing design, the Classic series is also used in the offshore sector, particularly for marine applications. The compact Compact series is also used in numerous infrastructural applications such as traffic applications, but also in building automation and in numerous special applications.

2) Temperature and humidity sensor: Compact series 1.1005.64.000
The very accurate sensor is also ideally suited for off-grid applications due to its low power consumption. A 4-wire PT100 sensor is used for temperature measurement and a capacitive measuring element for relative humidity, which provides reliable data even under extreme conditions. The integrated ZE21 sintered filter protects the high-precision measuring system from dust and other particles, which has proven its worth in the dusty environment of the Atacama Desert.

3) Precipitation sensor 5.4032.35.007
Thanks to the use of reed contacts, the precipitation sensor does not require an additional power supply, which makes it ideal for remote or self-sufficient locations. The device has a high linearity from very low precipitation intensities to heavy rainfall. Incorrect measurements during extreme events (> 40 mm/h) can be compensated for by the sensor electronics, so that a correct precipitation total is determined, which has often proved its worth in the case of the sometimes high volumes of fog water. In the research project, the precision up to the very high precipitation intensities is decisive, as the fog water quantities are recorded via so-called “standard fog collectors” and measured via the precipitation sensor. The stainless steel housing gives the device high corrosion resistance, robustness and resistance to environmental influences and temperature fluctuations.

4) Data logger: DLU 9.1711.10.000 (as well as DL 16 )
The data loggers are characterized by low power consumption, which makes them ideal for applications with limited power supply. They offer reliable data logging over long periods of time and are easy to integrate. Data transmission is very flexible, including via mobile radio or satellite. Data can be transmitted live from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote. Several measuring stations are processed via one logger, including data from a local measuring network.

The technical specifications of the sensors used meet the requirements of the WMO, World Meteorological Organization.

Atacama Desert Centers der Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Director Prof. Dr. Camio del Rio

Head of the Research Camps of the Uni. Católica in Alto Patache

UNESCO Chair in Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Alexander Siegmund
UNESCO Chair on World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve Observation and Education, Full professor (C4) for Physical Geography and Geo-education

Prof. Daniel Fernandez, PhD von der California State University, Monterey Bay (Fog researcher)

Dipl. Ing. Edgar Grimme, Thies CLIMA, R&D Department
Image gallery, Atacama dessert
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 Thies CLIMA WSC Agrar Wetterstation: Präzise Wetterdatenerfassung für OEM Anbieter von Smart Farming Lösungen.

Presentation on the Thies CLIMA WSC agricultural weather station:

Weather data acquisition for OEM providers of smart farming solutions.
On Friday, 19 April 2024, at 11:00 a.m., Thies CLIMA will present the WSC Agricultural Weather Station at the GEOkomm Technology Brunch.

Topic of the presentation: ‘WSC Agricultural Weather Station: Weather data acquisition for OEM providers and system integrators of smart farming solutions.’
The WSC AGRAR (Weather Station Compact Agrar) weather station is currently in the test phase and offers providers of agricultural solutions reliable acquisition of local weather data. The open concept enables flexible installation, whether stationary or mobile on vehicles and equipment. Equipped with GPS sensors, it is always clear where the station is located and where data is being recorded. In addition to weather sensors, the WSC AGRAR kit also includes soil moisture sensors, solar panel, rechargeable battery and a measuring mast with ground anchor. Temperature, humidity, precipitation, radiation, wetting status and wind are reliably recorded. The low power consumption enables off-grid operation during the growing season and beyond. Data is transferred from the sensor to the cloud via LTE-M, NB-IoT or EGPRS.

We are sorry that you missed the presentation!
No problem, just let us know and we will arrange a new presentation for your group of participants. We are looking for you - the right OEM system partner and will be happy to organise a tailor-made panel with you, just contact us. See below.

Handout for the presentation.
In addition to the participants, we are also happy to make the documents available to other interested parties on request. Please contact us with your company details. Please contact: Katrin Vogel,; Tel. 0551.79001-0.

Wind measurement at the top of the sky: Our technology secures Malaysia's tallest building, Merdeka PNB 118!

Wind measurement at the top of the sky: Our technology secures Malaysia's tallest building, Merdeka PNB 118!

The Thies Ultrasonic 3D wind measurement instrument crowns the top of Merdeka PNB 118 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With a height of almost 700 meters, the building towers over the skyline as an imposing landmark. The high-precision ultrasonic anemometer records the wind in all three axes, including upward movements. With two devices, one for redundancy, the focus is on maximum accuracy and reliability.

Ultrasonic 3D: What else can it do? Our Ultrasonic 3D wind measurement instruments capture and deliver a wealth of measurements for optimum building safety.
Over 70 different measured values are available.
Learn more ...
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10 years of partnership between ÖBB and Thies CLIMA: A look back at precision and reliability!
10 years of partnership between ÖBB and Thies CLIMA: A look back at precision and reliability!

10 years of partnership between ÖBB and Thies CLIMA: A look back at precision and reliability!

January, 2024 - 10 years of Thies CLIMA weather stations in the ÖBB measuring network: The Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and the German company Thies CLIMA can look back on 10 years of partnership. Together they have expanded the meteorological measuring network of ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG across the board, now with 33 automatic weather stations at particularly critical locations along the ÖBB rail network, with the latest station being installed at the Semmering Wolfsbergkogel site.

ÖBB has been operating a comprehensive weather warning system since 2005, which is used, among other things, for the early detection of natural hazards such as avalanches, debris flows and heavy rainfall events. The probability of these events can be predicted using models based on locally recorded weather data. In this way, the weather stations contribute to the early detection of hazards and help to ensure uninterrupted rail operations. After initially only operating so-called high mountain weather stations at alpine locations, an EU-wide tender for additional basic weather stations for installation in the immediate vicinity of the tracks and at particularly neuralgic points such as in front of tunnels and bridges followed in 2012. Thies CLIMA was awarded the contract by ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG with a bid that was convincing in terms of technology, quality and ultimately also price.

These basic weather stations are equipped with a comprehensive range of sensors, such as ultrasonic anemometers, sunshine duration sensors, pyranometers, snow depth sensors, hygro-thermo sensors, laser precipitation monitors, rain monitors, precipitation sensors and temperature sensors. The stations are also equipped with data loggers, a complete data management system and a comprehensive range of accessories. Thies CLIMA products are characterized by their precision, reliability and robustness. Seamless data compatibility with the existing network ensures that the data is provided reliably and quickly in the central database for further processing. Another component is the accompanying maintenance contract, which is implemented by Thies CLIMAʻs sister company, Thies Systems. This ensures continuous compliance with the high quality standards. The qualified team, trained in accordance with the employee protection standards specifically required in the railroad environment, maintains the existing network and implements the installation of new stations.

ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG strategically planned and designed the basic weather station network in detail in collaboration with meteorologists. The decision to implement this measuring network proved to be the right one back in 2013, when the country was hit by a devastating flood. Thanks to the weather data provided in real time, it was possible to close railroad lines in good time for safety reasons and prevent damage to people and vehicles. Since then, the weather station network has been systematically supplemented and expanded in a proven partnership.

Voices from the partnership:
Fö Ing. Herbert Kupka (Route Management and System Development, ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG): "Thies CLIMA has proven to be a reliable, future-proof and innovative partner."
Marc Hillebrecht (Export Manager, Thies CLIMA): "The long-standing cooperation with ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG fills us with pride. Supporting a measurement network over the years, both in terms of technology and service, is a valuable source of feedback for us."

The 10-year partnership between ÖBB-Infrastruktur AG and Thies CLIMA underlines a common business principle: long-term, secure planning and reliable partnership. Sounds old-fashioned - but it is still a promising recipe for successful projects.

PR-Set, Januar 2024: 10 Jahre Partnerschaft zwischen ÖBB und Thies CLIMA: Ein Rückblick auf Präzision und Verlässlichkeit!
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104th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Baltimore/USA

104th Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Baltimore/USA

Will we meet at the ANNUAL MEETING AMS 2024? The 104th AMS Annual Meeting will take place from 28 January to 1 February, 2024 in Baltimore, Maryland. Besides our benchmarks in First Class and ultrasonic wind anemometers we will share our expertise in precipitation measurement, automatic weather stations, and high-end weather sensors!


New in the program: New ceramic sensor technology "THERMACERN (TM)" designed to improve the understanding of precipitation dynamics and facilitate decision-making in various application areas.
Precipitation Analyzer : Based on "THERMACERN (TM)", the Precipitation Analyzer enables complete automatic METAR coding by identifying sub-cooled precipitation (FZFG, FZDZ, FZRA) and other dangerous phase changes, like Freezing Spray in marine applications. It provides crucial data for calculating the holdover time at airports and for detecting freezing spray in saltwater and freshwater situations at sea.
3D distrometer: Most advanced series distrometer with high precision intensity measurement and 100% elimination of non-hydro meteors
Ultrasonic 3D anemometer: A proven and mature ultrasonic anemometer for 3 dimensional measurement of wind fields. More than 20 years in the market. Many features.
New weather stations and weather sensors : The high-quality measurement technology for all or a selection of the desired weather parameters with intelligent functions and all common interfaces is leanly integrated in one device. These include WSC 11 and WSC Advanced . All are equipped with Thies CLIMAʻs "THERMACERN (TM)" ceramic sensor technology for precipitation.

Annual Meeting AMS 2024: Visit us at stand 650
Brandon is there for you. Please feel free to make an appointment in advance:
28 January –1 February 202, in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center + Hilton Baltimore Inner Harbor

WSC Advanced Weather Station
WSC Advanced Weather Station!

Welcome to the future of weather monitoring with the WSC Advanced Weather Station!

Designed for building management systems, agriculture, traffic control, and smart city applications, the WSC Advanced offers precise meteorological data and reliable forecast insights. With 18 data points, including wind speed, air pressure, precipitation, and global radiation, the WSC Advanced integrates advanced features into a user-friendly design. The thermal wind sensor ensures accurate measurements, while THERMACERN, a robust, long-term stable ceramic component, handles precipitation measurement. Various communication interfaces (RS-485, Modbus, WLAN, LoRaWan, MQTT) and integration into IoT networks via MQTT make the WSC Advanced a future-proof solution. With free access to the Thies CLIMA Cloud, forecast data for the next 24 hours can be downloaded to the device and output via the Modbus interface. Contact us at or call us at ,, Phone +49.551.790010.
Fact Sheet Download:
Fact Sheet WSC Advanced
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Wind measurement with Thies Ultrasonic 3D at the Neujahrsspringen of the Vierschanzentournee

Dec. 2023/Jan. 2024: In the world of ski jumping, our ultrasonic anemometers are constantly working in the background - they are the silent helpers. These high-precision anemometers play an inconspicuous but crucial role by continuously and accurately measuring the wind conditions with their ultrasonic measuring principle. Since 2009, the wind factor calculated from these wind measurements is an official part of the scoring for the jumps. The wind measurements contribute to more fairness and safety. In a sport that is often described as a "wind lottery", our anemometers help to make the influence of the weather on the athletic success of ski jumpers calculable, so that athletic performances can be compared as objectively as possible. Of course, the jumpers also use the wind data to prepare for the jump and to help the organizers ensure the safety of all participants. And despite all the technology, it is still a risky sport, so we admire all the ski jumpers who fearlessly throw themselves down the jumps and jump incredible distances. And despite all the technology, it is still a risky sport, so we admire all the ski jumpers who fearlessly plunge down the hills and jump incredible distances.
We are proud to be able to make a small contribution to making ski jumping fairer and safer with our sensors, and we congratulate all the ski jumpers and participants on this exciting winter spectacle and look forward to the upcoming competitions.

Letʻs keep our fingers crossed for a successful and impressive continuation of the Four Hills Tournament!
Ultrasonic Anemometer 3D
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For the trusting cooperation in the past year, we thank you very much, and are looking forward to an exciting next year
We wish you, your family and your employees wonderful festive days as well as a successful and healthy New Year.
Your Thies CLIMA Team.

Due to a company break, we are currently unavailable until January 1, 2024.
Your requests will be processed upon our return as soon as possible.

Contentment is the philosopher‘s stone, that turns everything it touches into gold.
(Benjamin Franklin)

CLIMA Sensor US - Ready for BMS!
CLIMA Sensor US - Ready for BMS!

Modern weather control for building management system (BMS): The weather control center, CLIMA Sensor!

The ideal partner for building automation, the weather control center - CLIMA Sensor! Using precise weather data, it enables the automated control of lighting, shading, ventilation, heating and cooling. This not only serves to optimize energy consumption, but also activates protection mechanisms through immediate alarm messages to janitors or building managers in the event of potentially dangerous weather events, especially extreme precipitation events or heat.

Comprehensive weather data at a glance: This includes wind speed, wind direction, precipitation status, precipitation intensity (amount), precipitation type, global radiation/brightness, temperature, humidity and air pressure as well as information on location, altitude, orientation and time - the CLIMA sensor records everything. Ultrasonic transducers for wind measurement and a radar for precipitation detection, guarantee precise results.

Easy integration and durability: The compact design enables uncomplicated installation with customized mounting solutions. Ultrasonic technology and a durable LEXAN(R) housing ensure longevity under extreme conditions. Integration into existing systems is effortless via Modbus RTU (alternatively ASCII, 0...10V).

Related links:
Product details: CLIMA Sensor US - Article number: 4.92xx.x0.00x
Building management systems : Further application solutions for weather stations

A quick overview of all product details:
Fact Sheet CLIMA Sensor
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Precipitation Analyzer

Goodbye, Geneva - Meteorological Technology International World 2023.

We would like to thank everyone who attended #MetTechExpo for an exciting time. We are impressed by the presence of so many international experts from all disciplines. It was fantastic to have lively discussions and intensify insights into the world of meteorology. We look forward to future meetings.

If you were not there or would like to know more about the exhibits e.g. about the Precipitation Analyzer, please contact The "Precipitation Analyzer" allows automated METAR coding for supercooled precipitation (FZFG, FZDZ, FZRA) and calculation of holdover time on airports.
Fact Sheet Precipitation Analyzer PDF
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Total Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA
Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA

Rainfall Insights in Geneva: Every Drop Matters - Thies CLIMA

Will we meet in Geneva at the Meteorological Technology World, 4. 5. and 5. October? We are known for our benchmarks in First Class and ultrasonic wind anemometers. But this year in Geneva, in addition, we want to share with you our expertise in precipitation measurement with a high-end lineup! There is definitely the right product for your needs!
High-End Precipitation Lineup:

Precipitation Analyzer: Allows automated METAR coding for Supercooled Precipitation (FZFG, FZDZ, FZRA) and calculation of Holdover Time on airports.
Laser Precipitation Monitor : State-of-the-art synop detection, proven in all climate zones & in numerous applications
3D distrometer: Most advanced series distrometer with high precision intensity measurement and 100% elimination of non-hydro meteors
High-tech rain gauge : a high-precision rain gauge with "One Drop Resolution"
• ... and other instruments ranging from simple but robust yes/no precipitation status sensors to state-of-the-art sensor functions for new weather stations and variants.
of the WSC 11.

Meteorological Technology World Expo 2023 | Geneva
Visit us at stand 8040.
Dr Manfred Hettwer is there for you.
Please feel free to make an appointment in advance:
Fact_Sheet Precipitation_Analyzer
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Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!
Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!

Elevate Wind Energy Efficiency with the Ultrasonic 2D Compact Plus!

Our advanced anemometer, utilizing state-of-the-art point-to-point measurements, provides crucial data on horizontal wind velocity, wind direction, acoustic-virtual temperature and optional air pressure. The Ultrasonic Compact 2D Plus goes further by optimizing Pitch and Yaw Control, enhancing your wind turbineʻs performance and efficiency.

Our advanced technology includes:

  • Enhanced ice resistance: Reliability in icy conditions, compliant with MIL-STD 810G

  • Improved ultrasound level: Disturbance-free operation thanks to adaptive ultrasound in heavy thunderstorm, continuous signal performance, and dynamic plausibility value adjustment during turbulence

  • Interface: PROFINET seamless connectivity and control for efficient communication with other systems. Web server and Ethernet TCP/IP for easy integration and access with remote monitoring and management via a web interface, remote trouble shooting, and remote upgrades via REST API

  • Enhanced self-diagnostic: Predictive maintenance for optimizing performance and minimizing downtime

  • Platform-based for versatility: Easy ordering, efficient inventory management, volume-based pricing, standardization, cost savings, and streamlined processes

Product Category: Ultrasonics 2D Compact (Modell Profinet)
Ultrasonic Anemometer 2D Compact (
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Precipitation Analyzer - every drop counts!
Precipitation Analyzer - every drop counts!

Precipitation analysis perfected: Thies Clima Precipitation Analyzer!

Supercooled, FZRA, FZDZ, FZFG, and black ice. Our "Precipitation Analyzer" detects and accurately quantifies precipitation.

Our cutting edge technology detects and measures different precipitation types, especially supercooled precipitation. Thanks to the unique design with a pyramid-shaped measuring surface made of special ceramic material and resistant glass coating, we detect precise surface temperatures. The sensor uses as measurement principles the analysis of temperature peaks to detect the heat of crystallization and the different dielectric properties of water and ice. This enables very accurate discrimination and quantification of precipitation incidents, including phase changes. The analyzer is ideal for early warning systems in traffic applications, on roads, bridges, airports, marine and industrial applications where icing poses a safety risk. With its advanced method for early detection of supercooled precipitation, the device contributes to efficient winter maintenance and timely initiation of safety measures. The device was developed and tested with the German Weather Service (Deutscher Wetter Dienst DWD) for use at airports.
Various telegrams can be selected via RS 485 in ASCII format. We recommend the Thies Clima data logger "DLU-E", commercially available serial data loggers are also possible.

Your part numbers:
Percipitation Analyzer:
Data Logger DLU-E:9.1711.10.0x0
Flyer Precipitation Analyzer

IEC PV Komplettlösung
Bye, bye ... mechanical hygro-thermographs. Their digital alternative is ready.

Thies ends production of mechanical hygro-thermographs. The digital alternative is ready

Due to the sharp drop in demand, an economic continuation of these traditional meteorological instruments is unfortunately no longer possible. This marks the end of an era at Thies that began over 70 years ago with the production of thermo- and hygro-graphs. In the meantime, high-precision electronic sensors and associated data loggers dominate the recording of meteorological measured variables. The supply of spare parts and consumables for the mechanical instruments, which are used thousands of times worldwide, is still ensured. For larger quantities, we will be happy to consider post-production. Discover modern alternatives from our company, such as the new HTB or HT Sensor Compact, when combined with the HandyLog. Plus, enjoy a 5% discount on every HandyLog product bundle! Create a great plan B with us already today, equip yourself future-proof. Please contact our sales team, we will find a solution that suits you.
Discontinued items: | | | 3.080x.10.000 | 3.0810.20.000
Your suitable alternatives: Get 5% off on every HandyLog product bundle! Hygro-Thermo-Baro Transmitter Compact Sensor – Hygro-Thermo Sensor Compact (2 Fach Kombi Luftsensor)
9.3406.00.000 – HandyLog (Mobile devices – Direct acquisition and logging of measured values

IEC PV Komplettlösung
IEC PV Komplettlösung:

NEW: Complete solution for photovoltaic performance monitoring

Complete solution according to DIN EN IEC 61724-1:2021, consisting of silicon radiation sensor, pyranometer and weather station.
Compatible with common data loggers, access from SCADA systems via Modbus RTU is also supported. You can also opt for a Thies Clima All-in-One solution and combine our data logger DLU-E.

Contact us,
we look forward to giving you more information
More details

Clima Sensor US by Thies Clima: Mobile weather data acquisition for fire engines!

Successful order for Thies Clima: 100 fire engines receive mobile weather stations

Mobile weather data acquisition for fire brigades!

Thies Clima equips more than 100 fire brigade vehicles with the powerful Clima Sensor US weather stations, thus ensuring a reliable real-time data basis for fast and well-founded decisions during rescue and protection operations. The robust weather station, which is suitable for everyday use, can be seamlessly integrated into various fleets and offers a wide range of precise measurements in the smallest of spaces. With their compact design, the stations measure relative humidity, ambient temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, brightness, precipitation amount, intensity and type. The stations also offer data such as TrueWInd, Windchill or Heatindex. Robustness, durability, as well as high measurement accuracy, proven long-term availability and fast delivery times make the Clima Sensor US the optimal weather station for mobile use by fire brigades and rescue services.

If you are interested in further information on the design and implementation of Clima Sensor US weather stations in #firefighting vehicles, I recommend you take a look at the next THW Journal. Alternatively, you can contact #ThiesClima directly, either by emailing with the keyword "Mobile weather station for emergency vehicles" or via DM. We look forward to providing you with more details!
Press Set - Text - DE/EN - Photo
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Cleanpower 2023 Conference & Exhibition
Tram equipped with mobile climate station

Tram equipped with mobile climate station

Measure and improve air quality together - get on board! As a Smart City model city, Mannheim is working on concepts and implementations of a sustainable and liveable city of tomorrow, carried out by Smart City Mannheim GmbH. One innovative approach is the use of trams as mobile measuring stations for weather and environmental data. The trams are equipped with Thies Clima sensors to record weather data such as air temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction as well as air quality. GPS and electronic magnetic compass allow more precise data to be collected for the current location. With its own sensors optimised for mobile applications, Thies Clima offers solutions for the growing need for data-based environmental management in urban areas.
Press Set
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Hygro-Thermo-Baro Sensor Compact

High measuring quality and robust, reliable technology

The Hygro-Thermo-Pressure (H T P) sensors of our COMPACT series are designed to measure relative humidity, air temperature and atmospheric pressure.

This sensor is well suited for use at meteorological measuring stations and for connection to data logger systems. Due to its universal interface, the sensor can also be used as a single solution in any suitable application.

The excellent dynamics due to the separately positioned temperature sensor and the use of stainless steel as the housing material, as well as the protection class IP 67, are the special features of this sensor. This allows it to be used even in applications with the highest stresses.

The outstanding features of the sensor are:• high long-term stability,
  • almost linear characteristic curve,
  • very good dynamic behaviour,
  • resistance to condensation,
  • low temperature coefficient,
  • lowest hysteresis.

Hygro-Thermo-Baor Sensor Compact (

Weather live – Datalogger DLU

The internal WEB server displays the instantaneous measuring values clearly-arranged as text and as diagram. The measuring values are, device-specifically, prepared by the WEB server and optimally displayed, depending if the data query comes from PC, tablet and smartphone. A simple data visualization is, thus, possible without additional software.

Watch now

Datalogger Universal DLU with Ethernet and WEB-Server

The datalogger records measuring values via two serial interfaces RS485/422, and via integrated analogue and digital input channels. The serial interfaces are designed for the connection of sensors with THIES data protocol. It is possible to connect up to 32 devices to one bus. The analogue inputs serve for connecting a humidity temperature sensor with PT100, and voltage output, and up to three sensors with voltage output 0 … 10 V. The digital inputs support the direct connection of a wind direction transmitter with synchronous-serial output, and two precipitation meters with pulse output.

You can find further information here:
Datalogger DLU 9.1711.10.0x0

ULTRASONIC Anemometer 3D with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The ULTRASONIC anemometers 3D are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:

Ultraschall Anemometer 3D (

Classification US3D

First Class Anemometer with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The First Class anemometers are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:
Classification First Class Anemometer 4.3352.xx.000
Classification First Class Anemometer 4.3352.xx.400

ULTRASONIC Anemometer 2D with classifiction according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0

The ULTRASONIC anemometers 2D are now classified according to IEC 61400-12-1 Edition 2.0
The new standard contains the classification of classes A, B, C, D and S.

For further information see:
Ultraschall Anemometer 2D (
Classification US2D

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