Thies sensors for the German Weather Service

For its measuring network, the German Weather Service is using the Laser Precipitation Sensors, the ULTRASONIC Anemometers 2D, and the ULTRASONIC Anemometers 3D 4.3830.44.340 together with a heated shaft tube for the mountain stations.

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Weather Stations in the METEOGROUP Measuring Network

The THIES CLIMA company has installed more than 600 stations with the weather measuring network of the METEOGROUP in Germany, Switzerland and in Austria. Maintenance is carried out by our service technicians of THIES SYSTEMS once a year.

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Regional Authorities for Environmental Protection

Anemometers for Wind Power

THIES anemometers are used by leading companies in the field of wind industry for controlling the wind power plants.

Anemometers for Site Appraisal

THIES First Class Anemometer is favorite for site appraisals in the field of wind industry.

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Austrian National Railways

ÖBB (Österreichische Bundesbahn) is using THIES sensors and data loggers with its weather alarm systems.

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